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How to become a 4C Approved Verifier

4C Verifiers play a crucial role in the 4C Verification system. They are the main bridge between the 4C Units and CAS, providing independent third-party assessments.

Requirements for new 4C Verifiers

If you want to become an approved 4C verifier company, you must comply with the following requirements:

  • 4C Verifiers must be registered as legal entities or as a subsidiary of a larger legal entity
  • 4C Verifiers must be ISO / IEC 17065 accredited (for agricultural scope)
  • 4C Verifiers must be free from any potential conflict of interest and / or situation which may affect their impartiality and objectivity in their respective tasks within the 4C Verification process
  • 4C Verifiers must only conduct verifications in those regions and countries where they are approved for
  • 4C Verifiers should have a gender balanced team during on-site visits of 4C Verifications

Please get in touch with CAS if you are interested in becoming a 4C Approved Verifier.

Approved 4C Verifiers

It is CAS’ policy to work with local or locally operating companies, as they understand the local context and bring local perspectives to CAS’ learning process. If you are looking for a new verifier, please make sure the company is operating in your country.

You can find the list of all approved 4C Verifiers and their regions of operation in the download section below (last update: 02 May 2018).

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